1. 17-35-69

From the recording Evidence

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Music and lyrics by Jonathan Mudd

Vocals, electric and acoustic guitars: Jonathan Mudd
Drums: Ricky Wise
Bass: Patrick Thornton
Organ and synths: Daniel Clarke
Percussion: Mark Kenneth Williams



Tell a little story about the price you pay
When you can’t see past today
You end up singing a sad sad song
About the one who got away

Jimmy met a girl in the summertime
His world began to shine
But he was young and there was time to kill
In autumn he left her behind

He said, I don’t feel 17
I’m not ready for love, if you know what I mean
I think I better step back, I feel like I’m caught in between
I don’t feel 17

Annie they said was a mystery
She had shadows in her past
She wanted so bad to just break free
But there was something holding her back

She said, I don’t feel 35
The lines on my face are what it took to survive
I’m through waiting for the rest of my life to arrive
I don’t feel 35

On and on the days go by
You’re always running behind
Love is the only thing that stops time

James came home to a quiet house
He had everything just so
Went to bed with a book about a man out of time
And the girl who never let him go

He said, I don’t feel 69
My legs are still strong, there’s hills left to climb
I look in the mirror and the eyes of a young man still shine
I don’t feel 69
The lines on my face are what it took to survive
I think I better step back, I’m not quite as old as I seem
I don’t feel 69
I don’t feel 35
I don’t feel 17