Great guitars and tuneful melody making...riff-happy rockers that never forgo the catchy parts.”

— The Washington Post


Jonathan Mudd is a Washington, DC-based singer/songwriter/guitarist. Over the years, he has made his home in Chapel Hill, NC, Atlanta, GA, and San Francisco, CA, recording and touring with The Shake, Land of Giants and Jo Jo Ex-Mariner before going it alone. 

In 2005, Jonathan released his first solo record, “Any Good Heaven.” The Washington Post called it “great guitars and tuneful melody making...a fetching collection of riff-happy rockers that never forgo the catchy parts.” 

Jonathan’s 2010 follow-up was "Truth Lies.” A four-star review in Blurt raved: “'Truth Lies' has all the requisite power-pop hallmarks: meaty guitar riffs atop propulsive rhythms; instantly hummable melodies and a keen sense of dynamics; lyrics about loving and losing and getting back together, all with an undercurrent of reflection and redemption. On 'Truth Lies' you can start the music pretty much anywhere on the album and land on a gem.”

The Washington City Paper pointed to "Run Amelia" as the album's stand-out track: "a slinky power-pop kiss-off laced with a chunky, riff-addled chorus...this N.C.-bred power-popper's mendacity anthem is the truth."

“Evidence,” released in January of 2017, is Jonathan's latest. Ten big-hearted songs—produced by Jonathan with Mark Kenneth Williams and featuring drummer Ricky Wise, bassist Patrick Thornton and keyboardist Daniel Clarke—come big on the grooves and heavy on the hooks. Wrote critic Fred Mills in his four-star (out of five) review of the album: "What [Mudd] is doing is demonstrating an uncommonly confident mastery of the pop form, from the songs’ arrangements (dude has more hooks than a bait and tackle shop) to the glistening production."

Over the course of his career, Jonathan has played in venues small and large, including The Birchmere and Jammin' Java in Virginia; the Rialto Theater and Cat's Cradle in North Carolina; The Point and Cotton Club in Atlanta; 108 Masonic in San Francisco; and the Sylvan Theater in Washington, DC. He performs both solo and with his band.

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