Jonathan Mudd is a South Carolina-based singer/songwriter/guitarist. Over the years, he has made his home in Chapel Hill, NC, Atlanta, GA, San Francisco, CA, and Washington, DC, recording and touring with The Shake, Land of Giants and Jo Jo Ex-Mariner before going it alone. 

In 2005, Jonathan released his first solo record, “Any Good Heaven.” The Washington Post called it “great guitars and tuneful melody making...a fetching collection of riff-happy rockers that never forgo the catchy parts.”  

"Truth Lies,” Jonathan’s 2010 follow-up, likewise won raves from critics. "Melodically, Mudd's songs are like candy to the ear of a discerning listener," wrote Old Town Crier. "'Truth Lies' holds its own against the classic powerpop archetypes while delightfully advancing the game for the contemporary scene," opined The SpectatorShockwave Magazine put it more plainly: “This guy writes some killer tunes. I am stunned.” 

“Evidence,” released in 2017, came big on the grooves and heavy on the hooks. In a four-star review of the album, Blurt had this to say: "What [Mudd] is doing is demonstrating an uncommonly confident mastery of the pop form, from the songs’ arrangements (dude has more hooks than a bait and tackle shop) to the glistening production." 

Jonathan's "(re)animate" platter dropped in 2019. An ambitious re-imagining of 12 stand-outs from his catalog--all given new wings by The Powers That Be, a collective of 26 musicians playing more than 30 different instruments. Earthy and nuanced, “(re)animate” showcases Jonathan at his intimate, beguiling best. In 2021, Jonathan and PTB released a brooding, stripped-down interpretation of The Police's “Every Breath You Take.”

In May of 2024, Jonathan released his fifth solo record, “Meant for the Sun." A collection of his most compelling songs yet, the album draws on Jonathan's rock, country, alternative and R&B influences, delivered with unbridled devotion to catchy power-pop hooks. Mixed by Grammy award-winning engineer Eli Smith and featuring an array of outstanding bandmates, "Meant for the Sun" makes it clear that Jonathan has big-league stuff. Wrote Savannah Proper: "'Meant for The Sun' is more than an album…it's a journey of introspection, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of authenticity.”