Great guitars and tuneful melody making.”


Big melodies. Big guitars. Big grooves. And maybe even a few big ideas.

This is Jonathan Mudd.

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer...veteran of pop and rock combos out of the Carolinas, Atlanta, San Francisco, Washington, DC...plugging away as ever...and just now hitting his musical stride.

The Washington Post called "Any Good Heaven," Jonathan's solo debut, “great pop-rock.” Washington City Paper raved about the "slinky power-pop" on his follow-up, “Truth Lies.” In a four-star review of "Evidence," Blurt pointed to Jonathan's “uncommonly confident mastery of the pop form.” For his fourth record, Jonathan assembled an all-star band called The Powers That Be and produced "(re)animate," an intimate, stripped-down re-recording of tunes cherry-picked from his catalog.

In 2024, Jonathan released “Meant for the Sun,” a collection of his most compelling songs yet. Drawing on rock, country, alternative and R&B influences--but delivered with unabashed passion for power-pop hooks--the album represents a new creative peak for Jonathan. Wrote Savannah Proper: "'Meant for The Sun' is more than an album…it's a journey of introspection, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of authenticity.”

Check out Jonathan's catalog of songs and look for him playing at a club or concert hall near you.