Bandhouse Gigs Tribute to XTC

The Barns at Wolf Trap, 1635 Trap Road , Vienna, VA 22182

XTC are the quintessential "I can't believe they weren't they more popular than they were" band in the world.

“Senses Working Overtime”...“The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead”...“Mayor of Simpleton”...“Making Plans for Nigel”...“Earn Enough for Us”...“Dear God”...indeed, the list of awe-inspiring XTC songs goes on forever.

In-the-know fans of '80s and '90s "new wave" pop rave about them.

Songwriters, musicians and producers around the world genuflect before them.

This decidedly British band featured two distinctive songwriters in Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding who, over the course of 40+ years and 14 or so albums, built an incomparable catalog of sharp hooks, lush harmonies, insightful lyrics, and head-exploding arrangements.

Many of these songs will be performed at this first-ever DC-area XTC tribute concert, put on by BandHouse Gigs, the region’s premier tribute show producer. Bandhouse has enlisted over 40 of the area’s finest musicians to deliver these pop masterpieces. Get ready for Parthenon Huxley, The Duskwhales, Todd Wright, The Sidleys, Ed O'Connell, Chuck Sullivan, Spencer Hoopes, Ronnie Newmeyer, The Tone Rangers, and many others (including me).

Please do yourself a musical favor and come out to the show on April 6!

For die-hard XTC fans and newcomers alike, it's a chance to hear an extraordinary pop band that took the torch from the Beatles and kept running.