Who's who?


I'm psyched to say that--at long last--my new album is finally coming out!

Things got a bit delayed, but on November 19, "(re)animate" will be available here on my website, as well as via Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify, Soundcloud, and so many damn online stores and streaming apps around the world that I'll never keep up with it. I think all that distribution is cool--after all, the point is to get the music out there so people can hear it. If it turns out that somebody in Bufoo downloads a song from "(re)animate," I'll be tickled (and truly appreciative of the royalty check I receive for .000008 cents).

You'll notice that "(re)animate" is being released under the name: Jonathan Mudd & The Powers That Be. That's because it's so much more than a "solo album." Indeed, the 12 songs on the record feature a collective of 20 of my musician-pals--friends from every stage of my life--playing more than 30 different instruments. Without question, they made it so much cooler than I ever could have done alone.

In the coming weeks I plan to use this space to share the stories behind the songs on "(re)animate" and to talk about what it was like to arrange and record with these guys--in my studio and in studios all over the country--and to turn them loose on my material.

To whet your appetite...ladies, fish and gentlemen...how about I introduce you to The Powers That Be?

  • On guitars: Joe Adams, Parthenon Huxley, Terry McInturff, Mark Williams.
  • On bass: Cal Everett, Tim Harper, Andrew Luthringer, Greg Miller, Nat Smith, Patrick Thornton.
  • On keyboards: John Buckley, Daniel Clarke, Jon Spurney.
  • On drums and percussion: Morgan Davis, Fred Monte, Kenny Soule, Chuck Sullivan, Ricky Wise.
  • On pedal steel: Buddy Griffin.
  • On trumpet: Wil Gravatt.

Talk about an all-star line-up...wow.

I hope you'll check back next week for the story of "Take It Back Baby"--the first, and maybe wildest, song on "(re)animate.