Happy new year, friends. I hope you're off to a great 2018.

I hear a lot of people moan and groan about last year, but I really enjoyed 2017. I had some wonderful experiences with my wife and family. I got to go on tour with Still Surfin', the terrific Beach Boys tribute band I'm in. I contributed to some very cool recording projects led by friends both old and new. And I released my third--and best, I believe--solo record, "Evidence." Yeah, some bad shit happened in the world last year, but closer to home, 2017 was a-okay.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see one of my acoustic shows last Fall. It's been really fun playing solo and with various musical pals, and a cool challenge to strip the songs down to their essence and try to get them across live.

In fact, I've been liking it so much I've decided to take a selection of favorite songs from my three albums and re-imagine them as acoustic numbers.

I've already started cutting tracks, and I'll be in and out of the studio finishing them this winter. Some of the songs will be just me singing and playing acoustic guitar, really spare. Others will feature embellishments from some of my musical friends. But all will lean toward straightforward acoustic sounds--you know, stripped. I've even got a few offbeat covers to throw into the mix. It's gonna be fun, and if all goes as planned, I'll release the stuff in the spring.

Until then, hang in there and be cool.