Taking a breath...

Man, a whole lot of water has passed under the bridge since I last posted here...

Seems like yesterday and it seems like forever ago, but in early 2020, I was onstage with my band The Powers That Be


Finding Our Way

Man, time flies. I planned to write this blog about a month ago, but I got distracted by other things—namely, assembling and rehearsing a new band to perform the songs from (re)animate live. More on that later. Meantime, I thought…



I thought it would be cool to use this space to tell the stories behind the songs on (re)animate, and to shine a little light on the terrific musicians who helped bring them to life. Might as well start…


Who's who?


I'm psyched to say that--at long last--my new album is finally coming out!

Things got a bit delayed, but on November 19, "(re)animate" will be available here on my website, as well as via Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby…


The Powers That Be

Hello, gang!

If you're reading this, you've likely noticed that my website has a new look and feel. Kinda cool, right? Well, I figured with a new record coming out in a few months, it was high time for a…


Hey, Nineteen!

Hello, old friends...and welcome new ones!

Let me start by saying how excited I am about 2019. I've got several fun musical projects in the works and I cannot wait to share them with you.

First, I am…



Happy new year, friends. I hope you're off to a great 2018.

I hear a lot of people moan and groan about last year, but I really enjoyed 2017. I had some wonderful experiences with my wife and family…


Going live!

Hey, folks. 

I'm psyched to announce a couple of shows coming up in the DC area--and I hope you'll put 'em on your calendar!

The first is on Saturday, September 16 at The Hamilton. For one night,…


I'm a Wedge!

Hey, folks!

First, I want to say thanks to everyone who has taken the time to check out my new record, "Evidence."

I have heard from so many friends (dare I say "fans"?) since the album was released, and the…


Hey, thanks for visiting my new website! 

I guess I've been missing in action for a while, so I appreciate you stopping by. 

The fact is, I've been working on this new record—writing, rehearsing, recording, refining.